Did You Know That 80% of Infections Spread via Hands?

Source: Robert Koch Institute, www.rki.de, Federal Health Monitoring System

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    red-handprintScientific studies and experiments show that hand hygiene is the single most important measure in limiting the spread of viruses.

    Alcohol based sanitizers are  the safest and most effective tool against viral diseases. They work instantly! Alcohol based sanitizers kill bacteria, multidrug-resistant bacteria (MRSA and VRE), tuberculosis, viruses (including HIV, herpes, RSV, rhinovirus, vaccinia, influenza, hepatitis, etc.), and fungal diseases.



    officeOffice workers use keyboard, mouse, phone etc on a daily basis. Electrostatic voltage attracts dust and creates favorable environment for bacteria.Sanitelle helps to protect workers throughout the day.

    Human health is directly linked to corporate profitability, the effectiveness, competitiveness. 75% of infectious diseases, the impact of business activities to be low productivity, lost time, decrease in work quality, which indirectly lost profits and competitiveness.


    Educational Institutions

    koos-2In educational institutions there is a large crowd together in small area, making it very is for viruses to spread. Pupils, teachers, professors etc. are constantly under a threat by infectious diseases. 80% of them spread via hands. 

    Did you know that by adding hand sanitizers to classrooms, you can reduce the absence of students by 20%?



    ??????????????????????In the catering business, often the staff’s hand hygiene doesn’t meet the standards. Inconvenient location, lack of time, the dynamism of the work etc factors make it hard to wash hands as often as needed.

    Sanitelle hand sanitizers are convenient and easy to use. Sanitelle prevents the spread of bacteria among staff and visitors.



    tootmineHand hygiene in the manufacturing enterprises is very important as sometimes only one mismatch in the hygiene requirements can lead to serious problems.

    We offer a wide selection of products for the industrial sector, making it easier for businesses to take care of hand hygiene in the work place.




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